Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Top 10 Best Educational Apps for Android

There are many different types of the app. and there are many people who get many benefits from the apps. But the big benefit that the people who are learning some stuff, and these stuff they will get from these types of the apps. When the world is going to become modern era, and these types of thing the world is going to adopt. There are many people who are using the internet, and you can say this is growing platform. Majority of the students is going to get many benefits from these types of apps.
There are many students and the other people using the smart phone mostly. And it is common of having the apps in their android phones. In every domain there are many apps, and the best running apps is the educational apps. Because in the world majority of the young people is exits. So that is why they get many benefits from these educational apps. They get much of the information, and the other knowledge, and the skills. 

There are top 10 apps which are working on the education. These are the world most popular websites. Millions of the people is going to visit these apps in a month. There are many researchers, they are conducting the researches on that apps. Because they wanted to check the success rate of these applications. So now we are going to discuss these educational apps in this article. 

  • 1.     Google classroom

This is one of the best app in the list of the educational apps. Because you can get the lot of stuff from here. And the best thing for this app is this app is very easy to run. The students and the teachers also visit this app, and sometimes the student and the teacher is going to interact with each other’s. Because there are the teachers assigned who are looking the updates and content development of this app. that is the teacher and the students is going to interact with each other’s inside the app, and also the outside, because sometimes the student wants to meet the teacher for counseling, and sometimes the they are going to distribute the assignment.

  • 2.     Class dojo app for the android

This is going to providing the best thing. This app going to provide the single platform to the student, parents, and the teacher’s also. Because the parents is going to keep maintaining, and see their children report, and also the progress. And the teacher is going to also improve their performance, because there is an option of the feedback about the teacher. And the teacher is going to read the feedback, and try to improve what a teacher need. And in this way the parents also interact with the teacher for their children.

  • 3.     Amazon kindle app for the android

When the students are in mode of study, then the students’ needs book. But the students is not afford the high price of the books. The amazon kindle is the best platform, from there you are going to find more than 1.6 million books online. And the rates of the books is really affordable as compared with the other books, which you are going to purchase from the books stores. And the amazon kindle also providing the dictionary. When you are going to read some stuff online and you find the difficult words, then the amazon kindle dictionary is automatic show you the meaning, you are just copy the word.

  • 4.     Write my essay online

There are many people who are not able to write something or feel shy while writing. This app is going to help you to improve the writing. And there is an other option. If you have the writing skill. Then this app is going to give you the platform to write and earn. This app is going to help you to find the customer, and help you to interact with the customers.

  • 5.     Cram flashcards

This is the best and the simple applaud you are going to download this app, and you cannot regret of downloading the app. this app is going to provide the flashcards on any subject.

  • 6.     Duolingo

This is the best app for the people. Now a days the biggest barrier for the people is to speak the other language. But this app is going to teach you more than 49 languages. The best thing for this app is this app do not believe in the age. Every people is going to learn every language. And this app is free for every person. All you need to do is to download the app, and install in your android phone.

  • 7.     YouTube kids

This app is only target the kids only. The app is the similar with the original YouTube. There is one difference between the app. this app is only show the cartoon, and the other videos, which is only for the kids. And the kids is going to get benefit from this apps. And this app is best for the upbringing of the kids, and which are very important.

  • 8.     Dragon box algebra series

Now a days the difficult subject is mathematics. Many students is not going to understand the mathematics very easily. And these students is loose the confidence of the learning. This app is particularly for those who are under the 11 to 18 years. This app will teach them the basic concept of the mathematics, and in this way they are going to learn the concept of mathematics, and their confidence automatically increase.

  • 9.     NASA app

This is an interesting app, this app is going to provide the knowledge about the space, missiles, and the other related thing. Because many students have the interest on these things.

  • 10.                        Pocket code

This app is going to teach you how to make an app. and you are going to make your own app after learning this.  And then there are some program are set in the app regarding the making the app. and you are able to make the app.

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